Tuesday, September 27, 2011


         Technology Solutions


8051,ARM(LPC 2148,2103,1768,1114) GSM, GPS,Zig-Bee, IEEE, MATLAB,  Android, Wi-Fi, IEEE And Many More



1.     Wi-fi based home automation system using android app.
2.     Coretex-M3 based Future voting system. Using touch screen and GSM.
3.     Vehicle Safety Speed Controller under Driver Fatigue using Eye Blink Sensor.
4.     Intelligent Power Sharing of Transformers with Auto Protection
5.     Real Time Passenger information System (RTPIS) using ZIGBEE Technology
6.     Soldier tracking system using GPS
7.     Digital locking system for vehicle.
8.     Future Automatic Traffic and Street Light Controlling System(IEEE)
9.     Finger print based license and RFID based RC book for vehicle, with carbon sensor implementation.
10.                        GPS and GSM based college bus position informer for students, with gsm technology,
11.                        GSM and GPS based boundary prediction for Fisher man, with danger intimidation system,
12.                        GSM Based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System
13.                        Man less defense Multi-purpose Robot
14.                        Automatic Paint spraying Robot
15.                        Remote controlled floor cleaning Robot
16.                        Remote Controlled Water Splash Robot for Gardening
17.                        RFID and finger print Based Ration Card
18.                        Municipal Automations system.
19.                        IR based shopping trolley
20.                        Patient health information management system using finger print
21.                        A Hand Gesture System for Controlling Wheel Chair
22.                        PC based Electrical appliances control System
23.                        PC based wireless Industry controlling system.
24.                        PC based Wireless Robot.
25.                        PC based multiple transformer fault detection and monitoring system in KEB
26.                        PC based wireless pick and place
27.                        PC Based Moving Message Display
28.                        Clap-Operated Robot
29.                        Hi-tech vehicle with collision detection using GPS
30.                        CoretexM3 and touch screen based Airport automation system
31.                        Wi-fi and thermal printer based bus information system, RF based ticket colleting system.
32.                        Android Smart Phone operated Intelligent Home using wifi technology.
33.                        Railway automation system.
34.                        GSM based digital Notice board with display on Scrolling LED Display.
35.                        DTMF based home automation system.
36.                        Rescue and protection system for underground mine workers based on Zigbee- IEEE 2012
37.                        Examination Question Paper Leakage Protection Mechanism using RF ID and GSM Modem.
38.                        GSM Based Industrial Disaster Intimation Control System
39.                        Passive Automobile Monitoring System based on ARM and GSM
40.                        Student performance enquiry system using MMC card and GSM technology for real time application.
41.                        Lecturer information system for real time application.
42.                        PC based Thermal Printer for billing system for real time application.
43.                        LED Matrix Display using GSM technology (College Notice Board) real time application.
44.                        College Bell for real time application
45.                        Museum Automation System using voice chip
46.                        Network Communication of energy meter.
47.                        Hospital Management system.
48.                        e-Detection of over speed of vehicle using GSM and RF ID Technology.
49.                        MEMS(Accelerometer )controlled Robot
50.                        Farmer friend.
51.                        Design and implementation of remote home security      system based on WSNS and GSM technology
52.                        Automatic plant watering and tank water level alerting system.
53.                        Design of Vehicle positioning System
54.                        Royal Hotel management system using Zigbee technology with Robot service system.
55.                        Petrol automation system for vehicles using GSM.
56.                        ATM Robber catching system using GSM
57.                        Railway Automation system
58.                        Solar Tracking System.
59.                        MEMS based medical wheel chair for physically handicapped person.
60.                        Woman tracking system for real time using GSM and GPS.
61.                        Motion capturing system using web cam using GSM For real time application
62.                        Hi-tech highway with image capturing system.
63.                        Monitoring industrial application using Zig-bee technology(SCADA SYSTEM)
64.                        Conveyor belt modeling and sequential timer controller with model bottling plant & filling station with metal rejecter & production counting mechanism.
65.                        GSM Based Electrical Appliance control using Android app.
66.                        Snake catching Robot using Zig bee.
67.                        Pick and place robot
68.                        Material bending mechanism using Flex sensor.
69.                        Heavy Loaded vehicle identification and auto image capturing of number plates system using force sensor.
70.                        Voice operated Robot.
71.                        Voice recognition based home automation system.
72.                        Voice password based locking system and SMS sending system.

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